Vanilla Puddin’ Power! How I Miss The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pie

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in anticipation of the new film coming out. I even spotted TMNT tees on my trip to Target yesterday and it got me thinking. Does anyone else miss those Hostess TMNT Pudding Pies and the multitude of other Turtle snacks that existed during the late 80′s and 90′s? Okay, I know that they were big, fried, green blobs that I would probably find disgusting today, but as a kid, those things were awesome!

After digging around a bit online, I found out that I am definitely not the only one. There have been numerous petitions to Hostess to bring back the Turtle Pie, though none have been successful. I also came across a blogger, The Surfing Pizza, who attempted to recreate the Turtle Pie - with little luck. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to the Hostess treat.

Other Turtle snacks included Pizza Crunchabungas, Royal Ooze Gelatin and Turtle Juice, which was just plain juice with a Turtle on the box. But didn’t it taste so much better?

However, my hopes aren’t completely dashed! In the last few days, I’ve spotted TMNT tees, headphones, figures, iphone cases and more. Perhaps with the Turtles making a comeback, so too will the Turtle snacks. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, check out this Hostess TMNT Pie commercial on YouTube.