Feeling Crafty? Make a Comic Book Flower Bouquet!

So yesterday I was looking at the shelving units where I keep my comic books and they looked a bit sparse, so I decided to make a flower bouquet out of comics!

Here is an close up of one of the flowers:

These flowers are really simple to make! Here’s how you do it:

1. You will need flower templates. You can do a search online for paper flower templates and choose the one you like. There are tons of them to choose from – or you can make your own. They will all look something like this:

2. This template is for 1 flower. Using these, cut out your comics. You will probably want at least 6 flowers if you plan on making a whole bouquet.

3. The triangle piece is the stem. Take the triangle section, fold it in half. Do this 2 more times so that it makes a skinny stick. Now, using a chopstick or toothpick, curl the part that is sticking out.

4. Next, poke a hole in the center of each flower. This is where the stem will go through them. Then you need to pleat the flower. At each corner of the flower, fold it over just a touch.

5. Starting with the smallest flower piece, put the stem through them one at a time.

6. Using your chopstick once again, curl your petals under just a touch. And voila – you’re done!

You could use magazines, newspaper or really cool scrapbooking paper to make these, as well. I love them and have been putting them all over my house! Even Red Spartan got one.